Serving the Community from our Hearts

HIM Clubs



Each school club (given the opportunity) will participate in their respective freshmen fairs near the end of summer to represent Heart in Motion and its passion to spread the love for community service. Any dedicated member can sign up to help recruit incoming freshmen, even those from different schools! This is a great opportunity to share the perks of HIM (hint, hint: President’s Award and hours tracked online!), recount positive, unique experiences, and convince them why this club is the one to join. Please come 15 minutes prior to the orientation to check in with the HIM crew and help set up.

Remember to bring:

  • Your lovely smiles and upbeat energy!
  • You’ll be competing with other clubs for the freshmen’s attention, so be clear, engaging, and most of all, passionate and sincere!
  • Your HIM gear!
  • Come decked out in your crew necks and lanyards if you have them ;)) to show your spirit!

Upcoming Shifts

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  •   = Registered
  • Lowell Clubs Night
    October 24, 2019 (Thursday)
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    1101 Eucalyptus Drive
    9 spots left