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Escape from Alcatraz

This is an ACTIVE event for HIM Club members.


On June 11, 2017, triathletes from around the globe will descend on San Francisco for one chance to attempt the impossible – ESCAPE from Alcatraz. The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon attracts World Champions, Olympic Medalists and the best amateur triathletes from 50 states and over 40 countries.

Arrive 30 minutes before the start of your shift. Check in with HIM Crew.

Packet Pickup

The day before the race 2000 athletes will be arriving at Marina Green in preparation for the competition.  Volunteers will assist staff with checking in competitors, making sure they sign waivers and distributing the information and materials they need including their goodie bag, swim start bag and swim exit bag. We're looking for friendly faces to welcome our athletes and start their weekend off on a positive note!  Here's a chance to meet and greet our athletes!

Body Marking

Each athlete in the competition needs to have their 'bib' numbers marked on their bodies for identification during tomorrow's race!  We're looking for volunteers with decent penmanship who aren't too shy to 'tattoo' the arms and legs of our athletes with special markers. It's fun, fast and a chance to get up close and personal with buff, in-shape well-toned bodies!  We'll supply the markers – you mark 'em up!

Bag Corral

The day before the race, athletes will prepare their 'swim exit' bag. This bag will contain items they'll want access to when they reach the shore after their freezing, grueling swim!  Athletes may stuff their bags with shoes, a towel, and maybe a t-shirt for their 1/2 mile run to the transition area where they'll pick up their bike for the second leg of the race.

Athletes will bring in their packed bag to the bag drop area and hand them to our volunteers who will sort and load them into bins which will be transported tomorrow morning to the swim exit for the athletes, who will need them when they emerge from the icy waters!

Athlete Food Tent

Volunteers in the Athlete Food Tent assist the catering company in providing friendly, hospitable food service to the competitors. Depending on what's being served you might be distributing boxed meals, or scooping out servings of pasta and chicken!  Volunteers will be responsible for managing lines and keeping the flow of hungry athletes going, as well as keeping the area neat and tidy!

Finish Corral - Medals, Water and Chip Retrieval

What could be more thrilling than being right at the finish line?!?

The finishing Corral is where the athletes arrive right after they cross the finish line. There is excitement, triumph, and media & TV cameras are here, where the athletes get to stop and collect themselves after completing the race.

Volunteers are needed to assist the triumphant but exhausted athletes by offering your congratulations and hanging a finisher medal on their neck! Volunteers here will also be handing the exhausted athlete a much-needed bottle of water and removing their digital timing chips from the leg.



Marina Blvd & Scott St

Best Bus To Take:
22 Fillmore Inbound

The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon will take place at Marina Green in San Francisco. Marina Blvd & Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94123



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