Serving the Community from our Hearts

Volunteer Spotlight

Olivia Chen, Class of 2018 
San Jose State University

How has community service impacted your life?
“I came to America in my junior year of high school, and I had no friends at all. I learned that volunteering can actually help me make friends, and I still keep in touch with the friends I have met. With HIM, I was able to meet people from all over the Bay Area.”   READ MORE


Officer Spotlight

Jessica Liang, Enrichment Program Manager

Class of 2019
Lowell High School
How do you feel about being made an officer as a freshman?
I feel really proud that I started volunteering with Heart In Motion early. I’m glad that I joined the internship program while I was an 8th grader because it allowed me to be able to spend more time with HIM.   READ MORE

Intern Spotlight

Maxwell Song, Spring 2016 Intern

Class of 2019
Lowell High School
Why did you join Leadership?
When I first joined leadership, I was still a bit withdrawn from the world, and I didn’t really tend to speak to anyone besides the people I already knew. When I joined HIM in the first place, just as a regular volunteer, I had thought “This is great!    READ MORE

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To Students:

Benefits of Volunteering

By serving with Heart In Motion, you can:
  • Help out your community and make a difference
  • Get a better chance for getting scholarships and getting into college.
  • Meet other bay area students who work for a common goal
  • Keep in touch with friends from other schools by volunteering together
  • Learn lifelong skills ranging from leadership and public speaking to teamwork
  • Explore new activities and gain new abilities
  • Earn community service hours
  • Earn The President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • Have a safe and fun environment to volunteer

To Parents:

Why should your children volunteer?

By serving with Heart In Motion, your kids can:
  • Build self-confidence that can influence daily life
  • Learn to welcome and encourage diversity
  • Become proud of their achievements and performance
  • Be surrounded and influenced by courteous and profound adults
  • Step into new, safe environments outside of their comfort zone
  • Discover new career interests
  • Stay engaged to provide service year-round, while learning and gaining experience
  • Come together with others from diverse backgrounds, exercising communication skills and diminish stereotypes

How do I join HIM?

  • Create a HIM account
    • Click on Log In or Sign Up button [upper right corner]
    • Use a Gmail Address as your username [Shifts and Hours are tied to your Gmail address]
    • Click How to Join for help.

IMPORTANT: Provide your Facebook url when you create a HIM account because Facebook is our primary means of communication.  

  • Connect with us on Facebook to receive important news and updates
    • Join HIM Facebook group
    • Friend Request Dy Juanco, founder of HIM [to get shift assignment]
    • Join your school HIM Facebook group. HIM members at the following schools have named their service club after our non-profit organization:

  • Turn in a HIM waiver form to an officer
  • Members who attend a school without a HIM club should email it to


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