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Volunteer Spotlight

Olivia Chen, Class of 2018 
San Jose State University

How has community service impacted your life?
“I came to America in my junior year of high school, and I had no friends at all. I learned that volunteering can actually help me make friends, and I still keep in touch with the friends I have met. With HIM, I was able to meet people from all over the Bay Area.”

Why do you continue volunteering with HIM now that you are in college?
“HIM has tons of activities and lots of events. Very awesome because they always find new things to do. Plus I can meet up with friends who are still in high school and have fun volunteering together.”

How has your experience been with HIM?
“Pretty awesome! You actually have a job when you volunteer, so it’s not boring, like sitting there for hours and getting your service hours. For instance, at the Gay Pride Parade, we actually walk with them in the parade and I never expected that! “

What are your hobbies?
“I love drawing, painting, designing, studying human anatomy.”

Do you value your other hobbies over volunteering for your community?
“When you help others, and you are happy, then you are helping others and helping yourself. I think that hobbies are personal, but community service is dedicated to the greater good, and you can find joy in volunteering. In the world we live in, everything is interconnected, so there is no way that you can do everything by yourself and not rely on others. That’s why you need to value community service more because you can find happiness and help others find theirs.”