Calvin Kong, January 2024, Volunteer

Calvin Kong


Wallenberg High School

Class of 2024

If you became invisible for 10 minutes RIGHT NOW, what things would you do?

Mess around with my siblings, spook them a bit. Maybe go out at night and startle other people. Perhaps steal some snacks, but leave the money on the counter.

If you have the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be? Why?

Have everyone be kinder and more respectful to each other, greater mindfulness of each other. Aggression and hate can steam from something as simple as a misunderstanding and if we are so quick to blame, we lose the ability to forgive and understand ourselves and others.

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

Hanging out with friends, walking out at night together, grilling food for dinner, and possibly fishing together as well.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

Hotpot, as it’s very delicious and contains a variety of ingredients! I’m also not a picky eater so anything goes.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your life?

Simply reach out and ask for help when needed, it’s free and can only help.

If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you like to have?

It is my goal to become a psychologist, especially one in child development. I do not know if the job pays well, but I’m not worried about the pay, as being able to help children with their emotions, mental health, and etc is something I strive to accomplish. If the job was the same pay as a store clerk or neurosurgeon I wouldn’t mind either one.

What motivates you to wake up early to volunteer for a Charity Run?

Sleeping over with friends the night before, planning the trip, and getting up on time together really brings us together. Along with the responsibilities to show up and assist people creates a great sense of dedication and duty to waking up early.

Which event did you most look forward to? Did it live up to expectations?

The SF Marathon was my first event I volunteered at and it was the greatest experience so far, blowing up my mundane expectations for the event. Being able to assist runners with their badge numbers and handing out supplies to them when they’ve finished the marathon, gave me great motivation to continue volunteering.

How has your experience been working with HIM?

Being here at HIM was surprisingly fun and very enjoyable. Initially, I expected it to be very different. I thought the work and environment would be very serious and strenuous.

How has HIM affected your life so far?

Since starting, I’ve found great enjoyment in assisting people and helped my confidence interacting with others.