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The Heart in Motion Internship Program is an opportunity given to members who are thinking of taking on a leadership role. The Internship Program seeks to help individuals gain experience and develop the skills necessary to be a leader. As an intern, you'll gain valuable leadership and management skills by assisting the Events, Membership, and Outreach departments behind the scene! 
95% of the training and work is done online via WorkPlace by Facebook, so it is essential that you can be online at least once a day.
Once accepted into the Internship Program, you will undergo a week of Pre-Internship online training. You will be given an overview of HIM and be prepared for training under the Internship Crew.
All interns must attend the Internship Orientation which is held at the beginning of the Internship Program. You will meet the Internship Crew and fellow interns. This is typically the only face to face meeting you'll need to attend. The orientation is usually held during the first weekend of the program.
You will be assigned a mentor and a buddy who will provide you guidance and support to ensure your successful completion of the program. Afterward, you will be able to apply for any officer position. 
Still unsure of whether or not you should join our internship program? Here are a few things a keep in mind!
  • Develop valuable leadership and management skills
  • Professional and self-development
  • Get trained in professionalism and job skills (e.g. professional phone calls, emails, etc.) 
  • Become experienced with Google applications (e.g. Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Docs)
  • Gain perspective and become a part of something bigger
  • Meet different individuals of various backgrounds and make new friends
  • Collaborate and work with other high schoolers
  • Enrich your college application and show colleges the leadership skills that you possess! Many individuals of leadership are accepted into top colleges and UCs including UCLA, UCSD, UCB, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, and more!

The internship program will get you on the road to becoming a great leader while having fun and making new friends. You will become part of our leadership family where we work together to try and make Heart in Motion a better place for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Click on the application link to the right and apply today!



The internship program is one of the main factors that helped shape my freshman year, and it has had a big impact on who I am today. Through this program, I learned what it really means to be responsible and reliable, the true difference between by standing and taking action, and what it really takes to be a good leader. The specialists that taught me were thorough and knowledgeable, and some of them are even better at teaching than my current high school teachers. The tests the coordinators prepare us for are extremely challenging, and really make sure we know the criteria and protocols we were trained in. One of the most memorable components of joining internship, however, was the loving and accepting family that came with it. Not only did we have a swarm of fellow interns who helped each other through everything, but we had our superiors to look up to– people who we could rely on to be role models and to direct us in all the right places. Internship, bound tight with sweat and training, provided a place of security and familiarity– an anchor I really needed, coming into a huge high school full of new and intimidating people. This program has been an invaluable experience, and it, undoubtedly, will affect the way I live my life now and the person I am in the future.


~ Connie Liu, Lowell Class of 2019, Spring 2016 Intern



  • Winter Session: Dec 30, 2018 - Mar 9, 2019
  • Application Available: Sept 18, 2018
  • Application Deadline: Dec 9, 2018
  • Space is limited
  • Thank you for your interest.


  • Attend Internship Orientation which will be on:
    • Sunday, Dec 30, 2018 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Google 188 Embarcadero (enter on Steuart Street) 
  • Acquire a HIM lanyard/name badge Order Form
  • Be available online via WorkPlace by Facebook and check HIM groups on a daily basis
  • Ideally, must have completed one volunteering event
  • Personal traits including taking initiative, leadership, organization, attention to detail, commitment
  • Recruit new members
  • Recruit volunteers when needed
  • Attend “Active” events, unless excused or not needed
  • Put time and energies into Heart in Motion



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