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SFT Alcatraz

This is an ACTIVE event for HIM Club members.

Tri-California has teamed up with Challenged Athletes Foundation to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.  Proceeds from the race benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  


Because it’s Alcatraz! San Francisco is arguably one of the most picturesque waterfront cities in the entire country. With the islands of Alcatraz and Treasure Island just offshore in the bay, and the Golden Gate and Bay suspension bridges spanning the water divides, it’s just simply the best setting to have a race! Athletes come literally from around the world to experience the famed swim from Alcatraz island exile to mainland freedom. The swim from Alcatraz is unlike any other, and running the rolling hills and waterfront of San Francisco is a must-do bucket list bike and run. Every athlete is all-smiles!
Because you are needed! It takes 100 staff and well over 500 volunteers to put on this event with the utmost excellence every year. Considering the dangers of the water and congestion of the city, we need an army of volunteers to make sure athletes are on course, safe, and are enjoying the race.
Because you get exclusive stuff! Every volunteer receives an exclusive event T-shirt, specially branded to identify you as a volunteer at the event. These are not available to the public, and are yours to keep because we want each volunteer to get something unique and valuable.


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